Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mara's Blessing

Wow, am I really going to have three posts up in one day? It's pretty easy since there is one to recount each day over the course of a three day period. My parents and a small portion of Ben's family were all in town for Mara's Blessing.

I really wanted to get a family picture out of the day. So I made sure we were all coordinated and I didn't look too fat (ha!), but this was the best we got.

Coraline was super cranky and Reid hated the sun in his eyes. And it wasn't really warm enough to try for the perfect picture over and over again. So we called it quits and we'll just have to enjoy the two decent ones above.

That's the fourth one of his girls to wear that blessing dress on their special day! We'll have to see how many generations we can get into it. So far, we've got two!

The blessing itself was wonderful. She was blessed to gain wisdom, knowledge and truth. She was also blessed to have a good relationship with her siblings. I don't remember much else. I'll have to ask some of the other adults present what they remember about her particular blessing. I do remember her crying at the end! She's the first of our babies to get fussy during her blessing.

We had both our dads, Ben's brother and his three closest friends (Aaron Palmer, Andy Thompson, and Rob Rhodes) from the ward all in the circle. Plus the Bishop, of course. It may have been a bit crowded, but I am certain there was a special spirit among those great men and our precious baby.

Brian and Jamie's family did get a great family photo. I have to share, because it is so gorgeous.

Back at our house we had a potato bar lunch and let the kids play together for another little bit. Our backyard swing was a big hit. I love how this photo captures it's greatness. 

I think we may have played another round of Qwirkle while we enjoyed some banana cream pudding, but I can't remember all the exact details. I just remember the feeling of happiness from having so many people we love fill our home as we celebrated the birth of our sweet little Mara. 

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