Thursday, December 15, 2016

Szilagyi Family Fun

The weekend of Thanksgiving was Mara's baby blessing so we had lots of family in town for the event. Reid and Nell were in heaven with both Grandparents and their Illinois cousins over. The Szilagyis arrived around lunch time on Saturday. It wasn't too cold outside, so the kids were able to go play and run around in the yard after lunch.

Since it was Brian and Jamie's family's first time in Oshkosh, they headed over to the Aviation Museum. Reid and Nell were invited to tag along. I have no doubt it was a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Back at home, different groups of adults played several rounds of Qwirkle while others took turns snuggling the baby or getting food ready. The kids were sent to the basement to play. I love having a playroom down there. It is so nice to finally have kids old enough that we can send them out of sight and not be bothered by them for an hour at a time.

We ordered pizzas for dinner and then the Szilagyis headed to their hotel, where they once again invited Reid and Nell to tag along, this time it was for some swimming pool fun. My kids really were in heaven with all the cousin play time they were getting. We loved it.

Look at that toe point!

Such a ballerina, even in the water

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