Friday, December 30, 2016

Two Year Old Lou!

Coraline had her two year old check up today (Dec 21)*. Ben had already taken the morning off work to see Reid's school Christmas Concert (location of above photo). So it worked our perfectly for him to take her and leave the other kiddos behind. I'm convinced there is a note in our file to always give us the biggest room in the office. Our chaos is hard to contain. When I asked Ben, he did tell me they were in the large corner office. He also made it sound like our wonderful Doctor was a little bummed she didn't get to see all three girls (as I'm sure she was expecting). 

I had told Ben he could take Coraline to her check up because I didn't have any concerns to discuss with the Dr. He thought that was pretty funny. But as soon as he got there he messaged me and said I should have come since there was a 10 page survey. I thought that was pretty funny, since I knew they always had those. That was the very thing I trusted him to handle and he started doubting himself just a couple minutes in. The only concern he wrote in was in regards to Lou's speech. The Doctor told him that as long as she forms two word sentences she is on track. Thank goodness for the angry phrase "Top Bop!"  There is also the adorable "Bay Mar cuey."  Although, now that I think about it, sentences that include names aren't suppose to count. Oops. 

Anyway, she is our tall skinny girl. She weights 32.5 lbs (97%) and is 37.5 inches (off the charts) and that puts her at just 43% BMI. This is a new stage for me. I always figured having kids at the top of the charts meant their BMI would be off the charts too. I compared her to both Reid and Nell at the same age and she is 3 pounds lighter than both of them and a whole inch taller than Reid and 2.5 inches taller than Nell. Anytime I tell a stranger her age their immediate reaction is "She's tall!" With Reid it was "He's going to be a football player!" With Nell it was just "She's big" (unless they held her, then it was "solid"). Even at the fragile age of two a large body size is a compliment for boys and an insult for girls. Sigh.  

Enough about stats. On her actual birthday, Ben and I both chased her around the house, trying to get photos of her. I think this one is my favorite.

(cranky one from Ben's phone)

Oh Crankoline! We sure love you.

This next one captures her day pretty well too.

She's been really into taking her clothes (and diaper!) off lately. I think this is a sign she's ready to potty train, but whenever Nell and I suggest she use the toilet she looses her mind. If we actually take her in to the bathroom to try, the screaming grows even louder. She does not like the idea of sitting on either the big (real) one or the little one. 

*Everything above was written on Dec 21, but I never finished the post, so here goes.

I decided to forgo cake and ice cream because Christmas sweets were getting the best of us. Root Beer floats sounded a little lighter and just as exciting. Lou seemed to agree, but she wasn't so sure about eating that whole thing with a spoon. Hands are much easier, obviously. 

She was showered with presents (no Christmas wrapping allowed). Reid and Nell were just as happy with her new toys as she was. One from Grandma and Grandpa Szilagyi arrived just hours before her party and I didn't have time to wrap it. After she opened her presents from us and Grandma and Grandpa Bassett I asked her if she wanted another present and she shouted "NO!" I went and got it anyway and just rolled it up in the Amazon packaging paper. When I came out of the room and called her name her attitude quickly changed. "More! Yay!" She really can flip her demeanor like a switch. 

Ben and I often comment on how adorable her little personality is. I'm sure our memories of the other two have just escaped us, but we are convinced she is our cutest toddler. I think it is the combination of her four year old sized body, newborn sized hair, and limited speech. She clearly fits the descriptive toddler in many senses of the word, but she still has a little baby left in her, and she does it all in the body of a preschooler! 

She loves Mara so much. Cuey (cutey) is our new favorite word! She just can't get enough of her little cuey. I know my memory is not failing me when I say Coraline is the two year old who loved her new baby most. Reid was smitten with Nell, but not as obsessed. And Nell was super observant of Coraline, but not overly loving. Mara has Lou wrapped around her finger and it is almost to her detriment (Coraline may have lovingly sat on her the other day -- she also tries to take her out of my arms and off my breast constantly, so she can have her turn holding her).

I don't know what I'd do without the joy of life that is Coraline. She can always do something to make me smile or warm my heart. And I think she has an even greater effect on her daddy. But if she had to choose between her parents and her siblings, I have no doubt I'd be cut from her life. This girl is madly in love with big brother and sister and "cuey." 

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