Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Ahhhh!!!! I have so many blog posts started. I need to get to it! Have I even mentioned Christmas yet? No, no I have not.

I love this blog so much. Yes you, dear blog. I love you. I started it over 8 years ago as a way to keep in touch with my family. It has grown and shrunk and grown and changed so much since then. I'm most grateful that it reminds me to reflect and to see blessings in my life. I love that it holds my most precious memories. 

But to be honest, sometimes it's nice to let two or three weeks go by without any documentation. Trying to jot down our life in weekly journal style entries can feel daunting. There are many memories I want to carry with me, but sometimes just letting go feels nice too. 

I'm getting off track here. Over two weeks ago I titled a post "Monkey See, Monkey Do" so I'd remember to capture a couple funny Nell and Lou moments. I've had so much fun bonding with these silly girls this past fall. They are truly becoming quite the buddies while Reid's away at school. 

The other day I was sitting on the couch holding Mara when Nell came running out of her room to show me the silly potato head she made (with Reid). I loved her giggle and her creation so I decided to snap a picture. Coraline was in the room with me reading books when all this happened. But as soon as Nell ran away, Coraline followed. She came back shortly after and showed me her own silly creation. I thought it was sweet she decided to join them in their room for some giggles. I quickly realized that wasn't really her motive. Her motive was to get me to take a picture of her. She seriously got so mad when I didn't immediately give her the same response I gave Nell. I became kind of frustrated with her screams, but then I reminded myself to treat her shouting as if it were communication. Within seconds I figured it out. She wanted a picture too. Once I pulled out the camera her face flashed from anger to pure joy. 

Dec 12
A few days later I was feeding Mara in her room as the kids colored nicely at the table. They had each finished one page of their Christmas coloring book and I was so grateful they could sit quietly and occupy themselves. Then suddenly I was interrupted by Reid and Nell strutting down the hall saying something about fashion girls. They turned the corner into Mara's room and boy was I surprised. Apparently one page of their coloring books was enough! After that they turned to their faces. Oh boy did we all giggle when I saw Nell. She was covered! I just had to get a picture. As soon as I did Coraline (and her clean face) darted out of the room. This time I knew exactly what she was doing, so there was no screaming when she came back! I took a photo right away. I just love that she colored her own face. I also think it is hilarious that she didn't do it while Reid and Nell colored each other -- but rather after she saw my reaction to their faces. 

Dec 16

Dec 20
I'm so grateful these two girls have each other in their lives right now, and forever. It's been delightful watching Coraline follow Nell around and figure out how to live life like a big girl. One of my greatest joys as a parent is watching my kids become friends. 

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