Friday, March 24, 2017

Another Quick Take: Spring Weather, Parenting Blurps, and Other Happenings

Here's a second dose of 7 mini-posts for 2017. This seems to be the year I can't keep up with my usual blogging habits. Tank goodness for jumbled quick takes (aka really long posts) that help me unload my camera roll!

1. After my first quick take of the year, I figured for sure I'd write a post about the 60 degree weather we had (for several days) that very week (mid February). But I never got around to that. So here's the pictures I took of the kids loving their time outside in the mud.

Feb 21

I totally remember "making quicksand" as a kid. I also remember loosing shoes with at least two good friends (Shellene Johnson and Haley Petersen). As the three big kids were busy creating some of my own favorite childhood memories, I held Mara as we swung on our big tree swing. It was all so dreamy.

The next day I sent the big kids out to play for just a few minutes before we were to head to a park play date (which our friend cancelled). Going to the park was a total flop, despite the nice weather. But that's all beside the point. Lou came to the door all covered in mud and I wanted to clean her up ASAP so we wouldn't be late picking up our friend. Once I had her all tidied up, she gazed up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and I noticed I'd clearly missed a spot.

Feb 22
I couldn't believe I'd been so concerned about mud in the house and hurrying our day along that I didn't even take time to look at her face. When her sweet eyes gazed up at me I couldn't resist a picture. I didn't just take it to remember her twinkle, but to remind myself to always take the time to gaze into those loving eyes. This has quickly become one of my all time favorite pictures of Lou, possibly tied with another muddied face shot. 

 2.  My mom left some yeast in my cupboard after her Thanksgiving visit (she made her yummy dinner rolls for our leftovers). I figured I'd finally try the no-knead artisan bread I'd saved on pinterest back in 2014 (which was the same recipe a friend had given me in early 2011). I can't believe it took me so many years to work up the courage to make this bread!

Feb 28
I have made three slightly altered versions of the same recipe. Today I tried using the parts I liked best from all three recipes, and it was a flop (aka -- a sticky mess that didn't rise after it was removed from the bowl). Even so, the bread still tasted just fine and most of it has been gobbled up by now. I think this should be titled no-knead and no-fail. 

3. Let's celebrate the return of 100 Plus into my life. Also worth celebrating: my fabulous husband who went around town hunting it down for me. Not worth celebrating: the wicked stomach bug that knocked down the four oldest members of our family (the two littlest had mild symptoms, but were never miserable).  

Mar 4

4. Ben took Reid and Nell down to Illinois the second weekend in March. They went to help his parent's get their house ready for the market. They are moving to Utah, and I think I'm experiencing the stages of grief over the whole ordeal. I'm mostly just heartbroken for my kids. I was surrounded by so much extended family growing up, it's hard for me to imagine their life without that. Aunt Jamie and I are coming up with lots of ideas and making serious goals to get the kids together often after Rick and Carol leave. But wow, none of this was the reason I mentioned Ben, Reid, and Nell's weekend away. My real desire was simply to share these goofy selfies I took with Lou. Man it was hard to entertain her all on my own! I think I was missing Reid and Nell more than she was.

Here's a picture of Reid and Nell that Rick sent me while they were in Illinois. I'm not sure how much help they were, but they sure did enjoy themselves. They were in heaven when they brought home a big box of sea shells. 

5. On a Target run last week Coraline unwrapped some Easter chocolate while I was lingering over the M&Ms. I was being indecisive about which kind (mint or plain?) we should put in our Leprechaun bait. Just as I decided on the plain I looked over at Coraline, one end cap away, and heard her say "quack, quack." The head of that tiny duck was just about to enter her mouth. 
I grabbed it out of her hands but also immediately realized I was going to have to buy it. The mother walking past laughed over the whole thing, which helped me keep a positive attitude. I figured since there was nothing I could do about it, I might as well take a photo and try to remember it! That bottom left picture just cracks me up. Don't worry, after the photo shoot Nell got to enjoy one too. What a waste of money!

6. The Leprechaun bait turned out yummy. Reid decided to make a trap, so I went along with it. Our Leprechaun was definitely stuck for at least a few minutes, but he figured a way out and left a green trail out our back door. The kids were pretty excited about that. Earlier in the week Reid laid out all the ideas for his elaborate trap and Nell looked at him like he was an idiot and declared, "Leprechauns aren't real!" She was sure singing a different tune after she saw that magic dust! They were all pretty excited. 

7. They were also excited that it wasn't freezing outside and that I was taking them to the library while Daddy attended Priesthood training. It's been a battle getting Nell to wear a coat all winter long, so with the Spring like weather you'd think she'd gladly wear a jacket. Nope!

As we got out of the car at the library I hollered, "Nell, I told you to put your jacket on before you got out of the car!" (it was next to her seat on the back row). The family ahead of us (husband, wife, and young teen daughter) all looked over and gave a knowing smile. The dad caught the door for me and pointed to his daughter, "She was just like that as a kid. Still is! That's why my wife and I had to laugh when we saw your little girl and heard your comment."

So, that's twice in two days that strangers got a kick out of my half hazard parenting. It's always nice to know you're in good company!

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