Friday, November 4, 2016

October Overview

When the month first started I wanted to try and blog every day. I lasted the first week, did you notice that? So our trip to the children's museum and apple orchard are both well documented. But since I'm typing this post with a cranky Coraline on my lap, I have to include a couple of adorable pictures of her from each of those adventures. This girl loves looking at photos!

Other early month photos include my 36 week belly shot:

And Reid and Nell hiding behind the mess that we call craft time. I love when they sit at the table and work on little imaginative projects all on their own --  but it sure can get messy real quick.

The second Saturday (8th) in October was when we kicked off all our community Halloween activities, which I wrote about back here. Ben and I also attended the wedding of one of his coworkers. It was down in Milwaukee, and going to Grandma and Grandpa's for the weekend just didn't work out. So it was the first time we hired a babysitter and left town! We weren't really that nervous, but we did both note the significance of milestone. If there had been any sort of emergency it would have taken us over an hour to get home, but we felt calm about everything and had a lovely evening out together. 

We started the second week in October with a double check-up for Reid and Nell. It was a little chaotic and things definitely went downhill when all three kids had to get their flu shots. Coraline didn't even flinch, she just scowled at the nurses for daring to hurt her. But for whatever reason, that sent Reid into a panic. Because Nell was going to get a huge dose of vaccines for her 4-year check-up I figured it would be best if she went last. But that was a mistake. Reid was AWFUL! Which of course terrified Nell. Once we pulled Nell out from under the table and pinned her down, she was actually pretty reasonable. She even giggled through little tears that "it tickles mommy." 

I had to jot the whole thing down to gender. Sorry to buy into the stereotypes, but I firmly believe women are made to tolerate more pain then men. Each of their respective behaviors only further convinced me. 

I started my own weekly visits to the Midwife this month. Ben was able to take off work for most of them, which was really nice. We usually just met at the hospital and the girls played in the kids area while I had my check up. 

The third Sunday of the month was extra special. We had a surprise(ish) visit from Grandma and Grandpa. They were on their way back to IL after a trip to visit a relative in up north WI. The weather was lovely and we enjoyed our dinner in a pumpkin outside on the patio. We also had some caramel apples for desert. It was a lovely fall meal with pleasant summer weather. 

 All of Reid's dreams came true when Grandpa helped him put together the scarecrow he'd been imagining for over a week. It was such a special, small moment.

The weather continued to be glorious for most of the next week, so we had lots of time to play outside and get lots of mud on our face. 

This girl is melting my heart (since starting this post she has passed out and is now sleeping comfortably across my giant pillow belly).

The final week of October was pretty uneventful. We celebrated Reid's birthday and Halloween, both of which have their own separate posts. We (obviously) did NOT get a baby and that has me pretty upset/depressed/disappointed. Here's to hoping she comes tomorrow (or later today)! 

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