Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Splash Pad

This afternoon the kids and I headed to the farmers market / splash pad / park.  Yup, it was a glorious 3-in-1. I bought fresh tomatoes for our grilled margarita pizza. The kids ran wild while the cool water splashed all over their sweet bodies. Then they scrambled around the playground equipment to dry off. Of course, we did a repeat of those last two steps before coming home.

I tried like crazy to snap some cute photos, but the sun was glaring at my screen, so I had no idea what I was really capturing. These kids were in heaven though, and I wanted at least a little glimpse of that for the years that are yet to come.

Mara was trying her darndest to wriggle out of the stroller and join the big kids. I finally took her out and hoisted her into the misters. Oh the giggles that caused! She was in heaven. Later I conceded and plopped her right down in front of one of the big sprayers. 

She was getting it all up her nose and everything. But that could not stop her fun! She was so content to just sit there all afternoon. 

The above series just cracks me up. 1) Patiently waiting for the water, 2) Yay! It's here!, 3) Hurry, cover it up, and 4) If you can see why this one cracks me up, you'll know my maturity level (he, he)!

She was soaked all the way through when we were done. Glad I always have an extra outfit handy for this extra JOYful baby! 

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