Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bay Beach

A couple weeks ago (July 19th, I believe) Ben took the day off so we could have a little family outing to Bay Beach amusement park in Green Bay.

Though Bay Beach is beachless, it is right on the Bay. It is part of the county parks system, so there were lots of playgrounds and benches and no official admission to the park. You purchase 25cent tickets and then use those to pay for the rides. Between rides, lunch, and ice cream we spent just about $40 for our entire family of six to enjoy multiple hours at an amusement park. Pretty amazing!

We started with the merry go round. I thought those little elephants were pretty adorable. They were perfect for the girls. Coraline shouted "I like it!" the whole way around. Reid was super excited to ride the horse and go rabbit hunting. At first I thought he was just using his imagination, but when they did the merry go round a second time (and sat in the same spots as the first) I understood how the idea came to him.

They were over the moon excited to go on the train. It was a pretty good ride along the Bay.

Ben was super excited to take Reid on the Bay Beast (pictured below). Reid was really excited as well. Until the ride began. Then it was complete horror -- as evidenced by the bottom photos. Ha ha ha! I think we'll be laughing over those for years!

He had a similar reaction when I took him on the roller coaster. He was so proud of himself for being so brave. He would not admit to hating either ride. It's amazing how we can find joy in fear once we're planted safely back on ground.

He actually said a sweet little prayer while we sat in the roller coaster, waiting for it to take off. He was a little nervous as it began, but the ascend was slow and I distracted him by pointing out the amazing view of the Bay. Once we started falling he was hysterical. When we came to a stop at the end, his first response was "Hey, that prayer worked. I'm not crying!" While it's true, he wasn't crying -- he sure screamed a lot while the ride was going and his breathing didn't resume to normal until we gave him a giant ice cream cone minutes after the ride was over.

Other favorite rides were the bumper cars, the swings (which Coraline screamed "I like it" with the voice and face of fear -- so adorable and funny), the boats, and the airplanes. Ben went on a big scrambler type ride. And I took Coraline and Reid down the big slides. Reid rode in a sack by himself and Coraline sat with me. She liked the first part of it but was screaming and angry by the end. As we walked back to Ben, Nell, and Mara -- Reid confessed to being scared. He didn't show it though. And I admitted to him that I was also a little scared (mostly that I'd tumble over the top of Coraline). It's strange how a little fear can be so thrilling. I hope I never forget how cute Lou was as she fear screamed "I like it" on those swings. We couldn't decide if she was trying to convince herself or what. But it was adorable.

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