Friday, August 4, 2017

Videos of our July

July sped by, but I suppose I intended for it to be that way. I intentionally signed the kids up for all their summer activities in June and July, so that I could have August completely free. I don't feel like we really over schedule. The plan was to have swimming lessons in June and then one rec program for Nell and Reid in July. That's not too much, right?

But when you're hauling four young children to each of those activities it starts to feel over-scheduled. I don't know how people manage more. And I know a lot of people manage more. By comparison, my kids are in far fewer organized sports and lessons than other kid's their age. I don't let myself feel bad about that though. 

Anyway, June's swimming lessons were so successful I decided to sign the kids up for July lessons. I didn't want them to forget all the valuable stuff they learned. Plus, they each passed their June classes -- so I figured the lessons in July would introduce new skills and that would be good for them. 

Reid's rec class (sports of all sorts) was daily, M through Th the first two weeks of July. Swim lessons were M and W for the final three weeks of July. And Nell's dance class was T and Th of those same three weeks. So yes, the month of July just flew right by. 

Here's a video of Reid at bat during one of his sports of all sorts days. 

He did do significantly better at sports of all sorts this year. It's not the athleticism that I worry about, but rather the sportsmanship. He struggles with that. Even with this year's improved attitude -- I still had to haul him off the field on his last day of class (the parent vs kid kickball game). It may be a dramatic response to his behavior. But the deal was, "If you get mad at another player on your team for getting to the ball before you do, we will go home." So, we went home -- whether he was willing or not. We left. My back was terribly sore the following two days, and I couldn't help but wonder if hoisting my 70-pounder over my shoulders was the cause.  

Anyway, here's Nell's dance class showing off the routine they learned on the final day of class.

She's been begging for dance lessons for over a year now. But she showed no enthusiasm during any of her lessons. I couldn't quite tell if she enjoyed it or not. Perhaps she needs a more social activity. I'll be interested to see if she ever asks for another dance class again. 

The class was moved back one session from it's original start date, so even though there were 20 girls to start with, we only had 5 on that final day (recorded above). My guess is that half the missing kids were away due to EAA and the other half had parents that forgot to note the reschedule on their calendars. 

Perhaps my favorite video from all of July is this little doozey below.


Our afternoons spent at home were always a welcome change of pace after running to and from activities (and errands) in the morning. I love how Nell reads her favorite stories by retelling the plot with such accuracy and detail. I love Coraline's mimicking. I love Mara's playful coos in the background. And I love that closing shot of Reid building duplos in the corner. Yes, of the three videos this one is my favorite. It is the most accurate view of my motherhood. 

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