Friday, July 4, 2008

High School Tag

Thanks Al, this tag came just in time for Flashback Friday.

1. If you could go back and tell your teenage self one thing, what would it be? Kiss more boys. That may sound sill (or even a little slutty), but I mean it. You're only young once. Oh, but be sure to only kiss.

2. Did you do any extra-curricular activities in High School? I did a little bit of everything. I loved being busy, busy, busy. But I was most involved in Basketball, Student Government, and the School Newspaper. And does making shakes at Leo's count, cause I did plenty of that.

3. What did you do in your spare time? Practice Basketball. I wanted to be a big star. I also spent a lot of time with my girlfriends. We were always up to something SUPER fun!

4. Coolest thing you did as a Teenager? Not care what other people thought of me; I'm grateful for that. I was just out there to have fun. Or . . . toilet papering one of my summer fling's house - while his parents watched. It was my guy friends idea; the dude was my first kiss, and then he totally dropped me. They wanted to get even with him. I later found out his parents made him clean it all up; he had it coming.

5. Did you have a boyfriend in High School? Not really. I had a huge crush on a kid who broke my heart . . . twice . . . both by kissing other girls (one of which was my best friend :) no grudges though). To prove I was over him I decided to go for the "new kid," but that didn't really flare up until my first year of college.

6. Any favorite songs come to mind? "Leavin Town" by Dexter Frebish and "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse

7. If you could change one thing, what would it be? NOTHING. I've always had that attitude, I'd change nothing, not even my mistakes.

8. What did you think you would be when you grew up? A writer. Journalist or something like that.

9. Picture of self? I think it's fitting that the only picture I have in my house right now is this one. . .

. . . of the six of us. These are the girls I did everything mentioned in #10 with. And so much more. This was the night we took off to Denny's. One of our last nights together before we all headed our own ways to colleges across Utah. I love these girls and my memory of them will always be the greatest friendship I've ever had.

10. Craziest thing you did in High School? I could go on and on. Most of it was legal though, except that one night we spray painted our nicknames on some rocks at the rez. Other than that, it's stuff like decking out a brown suburban as a "Just Married" mobile and dragging main, night swimming at the thirty-foot, roller blading in the rain, camping with just girls (as opposed to all the times we camped with boys, and yes the time with just girls was WAY more fun than all the times with boys - something all teenage girls should learn), and of course taking off to Denny's (next town over) late at night with a detour to a swinging contraption hanging over the Sevier.

I had the best friends in the whole world. We invented all sorts of crazy fun. We also invented not telling our parents where we would be, just that we were sleeping over somewhere. Then we'd come in late at night and crash at someone's house (or on their trampoline). Our parents made a habit of calling each other early Saturday morning to find out where we were. One thing was certain, we were always together. We'd get in trouble for a little bit, but then Saturday night would roll around and we'd be back together again, cause the truth was all our parents loved each of us, and they didn't mind that we spent all of our time together. They knew we were good for each other.

I tag anyone who wants to reminisce about old times.

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Dave & Marie said...

Liz, I instantly thought of the picture we had of us next to the fridge in orem with "we love us" in the little letter magnets. I was just to tears reading your post!! I am so sappy and sloppy right now. Seriously, I feel like a teenager, just the teary part though.

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