Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So I haven't updated my ornaments everyday as I wanted to; it seems my job has taken my soul captive as a prisoner in hell. But 21 years after I was honored for loving to color . . .. . . I was given this beautiful gingerbread house as a reminder of my first Christmas at home since I'd married in 2006.

These beautiful-blue-eyed boys practiced making their own houses before they took on the daunting task of voting for the best gingerbread house.

Bassett boys vs Bassett girls. And the winner is . . .The girls! Though we kind of cheated. In the final moments of competition we snuck a peak at the boy house and noticed Santa. We knew our judges would favor Santa so we found one of our own.
A close up of the winning house. But please, don't rob yourself of the joy of seeing the loser house; click on the picture of both to enlarge the view -- you won't regret it. Those Bassett boys can be pretty creative when their back at the farm. The front of our house sealed the deal, but their chimney was pretty awesome, and if we hadn't copied their Santa idea I'm sure we'd have lost.

I'm glad I have snoopy to remind me of Christmas 08 forever.

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Mom and Dad Bassett said...

Shame, shame for divulging such family secrets. Now the whole world may know of our base behaviors!
Love, Pa

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