Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go try my banana bread

Apparently Amazon isn't my only internet love affair.  When registered on the dashboard of my blogger account, there is a list of 10 blogs.  Yup, 10.

The newest is "I work out for a reason."  There's only 3 posts so far, but since I just started it 4 days ago it's safe to say I'll be updating it fairly regularly.

It is inspired by my dear friend Maci.  Who started this adorable blog to keep all her "homemaking" ideas together (I like to use the word homemaking as often as I can cause I know it makes my mom and dad chuckle each time I do).

Anyway, I was struck by her introductory line "a place to keep ideas and recipes."  I have 7 cookbooks, a bookmark folder titled "recipes" that is almost a full page long, and a word document full of my mom's best meals . . . and I still call her once a month for a new one.  So, I thought, why not organize all my favorite recipes on blogger?

BINGO!  I can label them accordingly, right little notes to myself (Ben loved, less salt next time, etc), and have them "with" me wherever I go!  Most importantly, I can share them others.

I highly recommend my first two posts.  The cheesecake in our fridge has not been touched since that banana bread came out of the oven.  It is heavenly (and the added bonus, healthier)!  And even if you don't love mushrooms, you will LOVE the glorious stuffed mushrooms.  Trust me.

And you can thank my later for that banana bread recipe.

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