Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Weather Gods Hate Me

My computer weather widget tells me two forecasts:  Oshkosh and Delta.  Delta is higher 95% of the time. This morning I looked at the 10 day forecast for the two, and next week while I'm in Utah Oshkosh will reach into the 60s, while Delta hangs out near the mid 40s.  It's official, the God's of weather are out to get me.  They figure I enjoyed blissful beauty for 3.5 years in DC, and I shouldn't enjoy a proper Spring in 2011.


Still, I'm super excited to take my little chunk with me to see Grandma and Grandpa, cousins, and Uncle Phil.  I love my little brother; he is the cutest and I can't wait for his bear hug.

We took Reid to the Dr yesterday; it was nice to be able to just strap him in my carrier and walk him over.  I wear Ben's Carhart sweater over the two of us to keep us warm.  We are quite the sight, I'm sure.  It wasn't a standard check-up, but I still got some stats info for you.

He's 19lbs 13oz.  I can't believe he hasn't broke into 20 yet.  He's a slow grower here in Oshkosh.  I appreciate the break.  This puts him in the 93%.  His height is actually in the 97%.  That has never happened before, his weight has always been a higher percentile (or they were tied).  He's 28inches.

This last weekend Ben's parents came up and stayed in Oshkosh.  It was so nice to have a relaxing Conference weekend with family.  It was also really nice not to have to travel in order to enjoy such a luxury.  You can tell Reid was loving the extra attention.  The thing about this picture that cracks me up the most though, is the 3 or 4 burp cloths in the top corner.  That's our life around this place.  He is still such a puker.

He loves to stand.  We try to get him to sit up on his own, but he'd rather stand and sometimes refuses to bend his bottom, so stand it is.  He loves leaning over into his basket of toys and picking out his own.  He still loves faces.  When we go anywhere he is so calm and observant.  He's so cute in his bumbo, and always tries to scootch out of his swing (I wouldn't use it anymore if it weren't for the whole "keep him upright 30 minutes after each feeding" acid reflux rule).  He's cuddly and we usually take one nap a day together, snuggled up in the rocking chair.  He sleeps through the night (like 7pm to 6am) 50% of the time, and the other 50% he wakes up once around 4am, eats and then goes back to bed till about 7.  I am a HUGE fan of the earlier bedtime.  He is a morning baby and is going to wake up around 6 or 7 no matter what, so I finally gave in and realized if I want him to sleep 11 hours I just have to put him to bed at 7.  It has improved our nights by 100%.  Huge, huge, huge fan.  After all the sleep books I've read I think that would be my first recommendation for mothers struggling with "sleep training" their baby.

Well, this turned into a pretty good summary of our life around here.  Didn't know that's where It'd be going when I started.  Hope you enjoyed!


Scott and Claudia said...

Can't wait to see that bundle of joy!! He is such a cutie! We're looking forward to our time with the Szilagyis -- we wish Papa could join you -- maybe next time.
See you Friday!!!

Scott and Claudia said...

Yes, I did enjoy!!! And am sooooo looking forward to your visit. Max, Ava, and grandma will be housecleaning and shopping tomorrow. Getting ready for the grand adventure!

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