Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dreams do come true!

The city of Neenah (town just 6 miles north of Oshkosh) hosted a "Touch a Truck" event today at one of their parks. I'm so grateful I signed up with the "Oshkosh Moms and Tots" group on Meetup is a great way for a lonely stay-at-home mom to try and find outlets, just fyi. One of the moms in the group told us all about the event, and six or so of us went up there with our littles. Reid was in heaven! The event started at 10, and luckily we got there a little early, by 10:30 each vehicle had a good size line.

This digger was so huge Reid had to climb a ladder to get to it. Imagine me helping him up the eight foot ladder while Nell is snuggled up in the baby Ergo. I was quite the sight. She doesn't love strollers yet though, so I figured the carrier was my best bet. You can also see the ginormous crane in the background. The crane wasn't open for riding in, but Reid still loved touching it. 

Driving the school bus. This was actually the longest line we stood in. Kids love busses!

Riding in the back of a Police Car. They left the lights on and a police officer stood and greeted the kids. He thought that was so fun. Right when we got in the fire truck line the firemen shouted "we got a call to go on, everyone clear out." And they started loading kids off. They were out of the lot in 30 seconds. I thought watching that was way better than getting on the truck! Besides, we run into fire trucks all the time at our local grocery store, and they always let Reid peek around.

Riding the garbage truck. He pulled the horn (string above his head) as he was getting off. I told him to, knowing full well that it was LOUD. He startled and then giggled. Oh the joys of childhood.

He also climbed in a couple of race cars, big pick up trucks, an ambulance, and a tow truck. His favorite was the carrier for the race cars. The trailer was opened up so kids could walk up the ramp and run around in it. He and his buddy Parker spent a few minutes in there giggling away. Nicole and I appreciated the break. 

We left about an hour and a half before his naptime, and I poked him the whole ride home ... but this was still the result by the time we got in the garage.
 Which means he's in his room screaming for me right now. Nap time today is probably shot. Yup ... he just woke Nell up too.

Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

Cute fun post! What a great experience for Readle Beatle! Missing you all...
Love, Gramps

Scott and Claudia said...

What cute photos of lil Reid! That looked like a fun, fun, fun event! What a great idea!

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