Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reid's biggest sentence

Reid's biggest sentence to date is: "No eat Reid's french fries baby Nell, baby Nell eats mommy's boobies."

He said it in the sweetest, most comforting voice imaginable. And even though it was in public, I was quite the proud momma.

See, it was ten dollar Tuesday at Cost Cutters (gone are the days of expensive highlights and styles!). We had just finished up our grocery shopping when Reid asked to go to the french fry store. Light bulb!

I ran into Cost Cutters and put my name on the list, then ran (okay, drove) down to McDonald's to get  a kids meal (okay, a mighty kids meal -- so Reid and I could share), then I ran back to Cost Cutters for my appointment.

It wasn't until we pulled back into the parking lot that I realized they may not want a 2-and-a-half-year-old eating his lunch in their salon, so I did ask for permission before I sat he, his chocolate milk, and his french fries down for lunch. I left Nell in her car seat, facing him (so she wouldn't feel alone); and ran to my chair to bid farewell to some way-too-grown-out split-ends.

They both did fabulously well as they waited for me to shed a couple inches. Nell only fussed a little bit, and as I heard Reid try to calm her I reminded him that he could not share his french fries with her. He has never really tried to give her any of his food, but now that I'm feeding her solids I feel like he is bound to imitate my mothering.

It really melted my heart to hear him comforting her (while simultaneously bossing her around). He just seemed so grown up, over in his corner of the world, eating lunch and taking care of his baby sister all at once.

As soon as I was out of the chair I went to cheer Nell up and quickly discovered Reid had stored his empty happy meal box behind the shampoo display ... and he'd also found the chicken nuggets I tried to hide behind Nell's carseat. He'd eaten most of them; so much for the two of us sharing a meal designed for a twelve year old. I'm sure it fit quite nicely in his overgrown belly. Sigh.

Overall I was really pleased with their behavior. I sure love my two cute kiddos! Their daily interactions are always the highlight of my week.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I loved the story!!!

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