Friday, February 7, 2014

First Date

Last night this little guy and I went out on our first date. To celebrate the beginning of the Winter Olympics our local YMCA had a free skate night. Knowing how much Reid loved skating on New Year's Eve, we made plans to take him again. Ben doesn't love to ice skate, so he gladly stayed home with Nell (after her nap refusal she went to bed at 6:00pm anyway, so he had a nice quiet night at home, something he rarely experiences).

All day I kept telling Reid about our date, and even on our way to the Y I reminded him that our night together was special. Now, I realize that date or no date we would have done the same thing. It isn't as if last night was really all that out of the ordinary, I simply put a name on it. But as we were driving to the Y, Reid and I took a minute to talk about what a date is, and I couldn't help but think about how much I love the idea of dating my little boy. 

When he turns 16 he'll suddenly be thrown into opportunities he's never had before, and I want him to be prepared. I want him to know what kinds of activities make for good dates. I personally think ice skating and milk and cookies is a fabulous one (and it was mostly free! another good tip for him to learn). I want him to know how to hold a conversation on a date, how to act politely, and when to open doors and when to let a girl have her independence. I need him to understand that he has the power to make a girl feel special. Even if just for an evening.  

He definitely makes me feel special. 

So as the years continue, I do hope Ben and I will go out of our way to turn a few simple nights each year into "dates." Prepping our little man and our little lady for positive, healthy relationships. 

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Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't teach him to "snuggle" on a date...

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