Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ski Plan Fly In

One of the first acronyms you learn upon moving to Oshkosh (or before you even more here, as was our case) is EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association. To quote wikipedia: The Experimental Aircraft Association is an international organization of aviation enthusiasts based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Since its inception it has grown internationally with over 186,000 members and nearly 1,000 chapters worldwide. Each summer EAA presents the largest general aviation event across the globe. During that week our little airport's traffic movement makes it the busiest in the world.

So yeah, Oshkosh is heaven for air show and airplane enthusiasts. Even in the frigid cold.

Powder landing

I have to say, watching the ski planes come in was a lot of fun. It felt like you were standing on the runway. Plus, I just thought of the skill set it must take to land a plane w/ skis, instead of wheels. Really, they didn't even have a runway. They were just landing in a field of snow, surrounded by spectators. There were about six or so flag men/women directing the planes. So simple but such a unique experience. 

Reid loved this orange plane "it's like Dusty!" He also loved playing with the snow/ice. It's hard to see, but he was stacking a pile of ice chunks at our feet. "I'm making an ice mountain mommy!"

In one of the buildings near by they were serving free soup, cocoa, sweets, and PBJs -- which you can see smothered across Nell's cheeks. 

Reid loved this toy pedal plane. 

Did I mention Grandma and Grandpa came? I'll have to do a special write-up about how awesome they are. We love having them come to visit the kids and the planes. 

After getting our fill of ski planes we headed to the EAA Air Venture Museum. EAA is so child and family friendly, they allow us to use our family membership to the nearby kid's museum for free entry to their own museum. And Ben's dad is an EAA member, so we all toured the museum for free. The soup and crafts near the ski plane runway were also free of charge. I love having such outstanding organizations in our community. 
During the winter months we go to museums a lot, for this ^^ very reason. "Run child, run!"

I love the hands on experiences they provide.

I love that little face!

The picture doesn't show you, but there is a lot of turbo wind blowing in her face right now. She loved it and even wanted to do it again a few minutes later. 

I can NOT believe how grown up she looks here. 
She's not my baby anymore. I swear, it happens over night. 

She was loving all her Grandma and Grandpa time. 

The elementary school our children will attend has a special aviation program for third graders (and an environmental one for fourth and fifth graders). I know it is a long way off, but I am excited for the day my children's school experience will be enriched by the wonderful learning opportunities EAA has to offer. 

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved the pictures. I am so happy G and G Szilagyi get to enjoy those grannies! They are adorable. The museum and experiences of the day looked awesome. Jealous...

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