Sunday, February 9, 2014

In case you were wondering ...

Yes, my religion has a priesthood body that is made up solely of men. Knowing I'm a more liberal minded soul, people have often asked me if this bothers me. No. Absolutely not. There are many reasons why it doesn't bother me, but here's one:

Tonight Ben attended a meeting for priesthood holders (males ages 12+ who have been ordained to the priesthood) and the first thing he said to me when he came home was "Honey, what can I do to be a better husband?" Then he explained how one of the speakers (the highest ranking Priesthood holder in attendance) spoke about how needed women are in the Church and how important we are to the priesthood, and then he gave all the married priesthood holders the assignment to come home and ask their wives how they can be better husbands.

So yeah, I'm okay with that kind of "men only" club.

** I originally typed this for faceook, but figured it was a bit long to share on that forum. I sure do wish the whole world knew how I felt though! **

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Anonymous said...

Seeing as how you were first going to put it on facebook, I'll respond with a LIKE!

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