Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Play Room

A couple days ago we moved Nell's crib into Reid's bedroom. Now that they share a bedroom I can turn Nell's room into a play room -- which I was stoked about.

Note the *was*.

Today was our first opportunity to play in there (we have the train table, workbench, and castle set up so far), and within the first 20 minutes I must have yelled at Reid half a dozen times to "share the toys with Nell." Anytime she touched any toy he'd suddenly demand he needed to play with it.

Once he took his focus off keeping all the toys away from Nell, disaster struck. He was "crashing" the big stuffed bear (see Valentine's card) into the trains (aka train table) when he lost control of his footing and toppled over Nell. She fell back into the castle which slid out from under her, causing her to fall flat onto the hardwood floor -- with Reid and the bear landing on top of her.

She was bawling! I swooped her up as quick as I could while simultaneously hollering at Reid, "Go sit on your bed right now!" He was already gazing up at me, waiting for a response. He didn't hesitate to go. Which was a nice change in attitude. He knew he had done something wrong and he knew there was a consequence.

Once Nell stopped crying we went into their room to find Reid calm as could be. He offered a sincere "Sorry for knocking you down baby Nell" apology, and we didn't spend any more time in the play room.

As I told Ben about this adventure his response was quick, "That sounds about as successful as sharing a bedroom has been."

All I could do was laugh. 


Anonymous said...

The joys of parenting...

Scott and Claudia said...

Perhaps you should re-think your room situations. Good luck!

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