Monday, March 3, 2014

My Little Teacher

I'm so thankful for Sunbeams and Family Home Evening. Reid has an awesome Sunbeam teacher. He and another little boy named Reed are the only students, and their classroom is right by the Young Women room (where I teach) so I peek in on them when passing by. I can always tell they are so engaged. I'm not sure how she engages them for an entire 40 minute lesson, but she does and it is amazing.

Ever since going to Sunbeams Reid has been excited to play teacher. Each Monday night as we sit down for our quick Family Home Evening lesson, he asks to be the teacher. We always tell him he can be the teacher if he is reverent while Mommy or Daddy teaches the lesson they prepared. I scored some free carpet squares from a carpet outlet here in town, and I really think that has helped with our reverence during Family Home Evening. Nell still runs around like a crazy, but Reid will listen to the short lesson. Tonight, Nell loved our march around the house as we sang "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ..." She was all giggles while Daddy held her and marched around. 

Once our marching was over it was time for Reid's lesson. I cannot express how in love I am with his playing teacher. He even did it the other night when the missionaries were over. He sat up on the couch right next to them while Ben and I stared up from our carpet squares, and he showed us all the pictures in The Book of Mormon. The Elders were beaming. We are great entertainment.

Back to tonight. Tonight he read us (from memory) an article from the Friend about bees and gardens. I think it is the only Friend article he has ever read, but he loves it! He always starts his lesson by telling us "It is not playing time, it is lesson time." I wonder why that is necessary? He loves to ask us questions and hold the pictures out in front of his belly, like a librarian does at story hour. "What do you see in this picture Daddy?" he asked as he held The Book of Mormon upside down. He was somewhere in Alma. "Well, I see a lot of words," was Ben's creative answer. After he finished reading the bee story (I about died listening to him "pssst" like a bee), he told us it was time to count the tomatoes. "One, two, three ..." He is so stinking cute!

Yesterday, while we were still at Grandma and Grandpa's he played teacher with Ben and Grandpa. Ben said he moved a dining room chair to the middle of the room (right in front of the TV) and told Grandpa, "it is time to turn off the TV, you have been watching too much TV during my lesson." Then he proceeded to teach them how to sing songs, and he sang them my favorite fire trucks drive on train tracks song. They had to sing along, of course. 

I just love how much he is learning and how excited he is to learn. This preschool stage is definitely one of my favorites! 

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