Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nell goes to Nursery

Nell had her first day in LDS Nursery today. A bit odd, since we were not attending our home ward. I stayed with her and cousin Henry the whole time. She was much more clingy than I would have expected. I'm sure she'll get the hang of it in time.

I don't really have anything else to say about this milestone. And I'm looking back at photos to see what I can include of Nell and this is about all I have.

She loves making messes, that is for sure. I nag her constantly about sitting like that (with her legs tucked back and out), but the message doesn't seem to be getting through (kind of like Reid and his finger sucking). Hopefully it isn't too big a deal.

The poor girl has another ear infection. Fortunately this time it is only in one ear. It felt so weird scheduling a Doctors appointment. Medical team members: "What symptoms does she have?" Me: "None really, she's just not herself," and last time that happened she had a double ear infection for who knows how long before they caught it at her 15-month well child. Thankfully I was more proactive this time around. Hopefully these aren't a common thing for her. Hopefully we can just blame it on the constantly below freezing temps and horrid winds. (Die winter, die!)

We sure love our little Nelly Belly Boopsy Boops. She has such a calming mood about her. Curiosity and independence seem to be early personality indicators. She loves to be part of the action and is constantly shocking me with how much she understands. Me: "Reid, will you bring me a tissue for Nell's nose?" He didn't budge, but Nell jumped out of my lap and took off for her room (back when she had her own). She reappeared with a wipe from her changing table. Not exactly what I was asking for ... but holy crap she wasn't even 17 months old yet! Maybe that doesn't make her some kind of baby super genius, but I was really impressed (so much so that I may have mentioned that story before -- if so, sorry).

I could listen to her say Mommy, Daddy, and book all day long. Also, she has the best snack hiss ever and moos and meows like a real farm creature. I love her and her little eye beam!

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