Monday, March 31, 2014

Thoughts on the Bliz Blog

Well, I'm wrapping up month three of blogging every day (okay, some days I write three blogs and just back schedule them ... but every day has a post special just to it). I've mostly found this goal of mine rewarding. Sure there are nights like tonight, where I have no idea what to write.

Should I blabber on about how much I like Eminem's new song "Headlights"? His story is so raw, and it uplifts me in a depressing sort of way.

What about how important it is to me that my son grows up watching me mow the lawn? Yes, I did my first mow today -- 58 beautiful degrees outside!

Truly stumped, I asked Ben for ideas, he suggested "haircuts, buying toys, Eminem ... Quinoa Thai Salad." Which reminded me I need to do a recipe of the week soon.

But I just wasn't feeling anything. So, I clicked back through some of the suggested nRelate links and found a post about our life in fall 2009. I remembered a few of the stories, like waiting in line for tickets to Shakespeare. Other memories I was clueless about, and I had to ask Ben which Georgetown friends of his we BBQ'd with that particular weekend. I remember three of his Georgetown friends, no four, and that's it. So who in the world did we BBQ with if it wasn't one of those four?

Some of the memories brought a big smile to my face, like the parent who was reassured by my years of teaching at Dunbar; and how sweet Ben was for enjoying a date night of my choice, even when it caused brain pain for him. I do not remember either of those actual events (the back to school night or the metro ride home), but reading back over them -- almost five years later -- fills my soul with happiness.

I love blogging because it helps capture memories I would otherwise forget. Obviously, a private journal is the more traditional way of capturing those memories, but blogging is fitting for me during this stage of my life. When I decided to post an entry everyday for an entire year, I was motivated by all the memories I didn't blog or journal. Tonight, I'm grateful for the memories I have captured. I'm grateful for the bliz blog and the journey we started more than six years ago

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