Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm just going to say it. I don't know how people co-sleep. If you do it and it works for you, super. But seriously, how is it even possible?

You may remember last Saturday's early AM sickeis that caused me to co-sleep with Nell and then Reid. It was a horrible night sleep. Not just because of the sickies. When I crawled back into my bed, next to Reid, it was awfully uncomfortable. 

Saturday night there was a huge thunder/lightning storm and the two kiddos ended up in bed with me (Ben slept in our guest room downstairs). Reid took 90 minutes to fall back to sleep, and once he did Nell was wide awake and ready to play. She went back in her crib at 3:30 am. She was screaming her head off, but I couldn't take it anymore. Two and a half hours of no sleep was my limit. 

Monday morning Reid woke up screaming he needed to potty. I should love that he is night trained, right? I'm not sure that I do. He and Nell were both up at about 4:30, 5:00. There was not putting them back to bed (in their beds) and Ben was going to start getting ready for work anyway. So into my bed they came. We have a strict no kids out of bed before 6:30 am rule around here (thank you sun/moon nightlight!). So they both just had to snuggle up and wait it out. I eventually brought them both milk, mostly just to soften the blow of returning Nell to her crib. Thankfully they both fell asleep around 6:00 am and we all slept in until about 7:30. 

Tuesday evening Ben was headed out of town for a work conference and Nell started fussing over a runny nose. Into my bed they both came. 

Repeat for last night (except they actually started out there).

This morning, I woke up to a thud. Nell, who was in between Reid and I for protection, managed to roll over the top of Reid (without waking any of us up) and fall straight down to our hardwood floors. Luckily, the pillow I'd put by Reid's side to keep him from rolling off tumbled down with her and softened her blow. But she still has a really good goose egg. And I fell horrible. 

Falls are the #1 reason I don't co-sleep with my infants. Smothering/suffocation is #2. Poor sleep lands a spot on #3. And poor sleep is all I've gotten for the last six nights. Oh my goodness, how does anyone get a restful night's sleep when they share the bed with kids? In the last six nights they have only stayed in their beds for a full night one time. One time! I am going insane! 

I admit, I was looking forward to the snuggles when I knew Ben was headed out of town. But I am beyond ready to put them back in their own beds! They went down with a fight, all sorts of tears, screams, and finger pointing toward mom's bed -- but they are in their room, in their beds. And I LOVE IT!

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