Monday, June 23, 2014

One After Another

I woke up to what should have felt like a normal weekly schedule ... but I knew this week was going to be a little crazy. Just home from Nauvoo, it was now time to prepare for a two week+ trip to Utah.

I did some necessary grocery shopping and then gave the kid's car seats a deep clean. Man they needed it. Reid's padding hadn't been removed (and therefore cleaned) since he got the seat 9 months ago. Nell's is so much easier to clean and assemble. Reid's may never be cleaned again, but that means I have to stop giving him snacks and drinks in the car. We'll see how that goes.

I tried to clean the house up, it wasn't that dirty considering it had been empty for a couple days. But the weekend deep cleaning needed to get done.

Then I mentally tried to prepare myself for the week. On my to do list was:
Wednesday: Brat Barn fundraiser for church youth group (help set up, clean up, and work a five hour shift -- thank goodness school is out and my neighbor can babysit!)
Thursday: Brat Barn fundraiser for church youth group (help set up and clean up)
Thursday: watch two kid's for one of my friends
Friday: pack, pack, pack, clean, clean, clean
Saturday: TRAVEL to Utah!

I was really looking forward to Tuesday, the only day this week I (thought) I didn't have any must do's.

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