Saturday, August 23, 2014


We made last minute plans to meet Grandma and Grandpa down at the Madison Zoo today. I have no good pictures to share. Between the kids running all over and the weird reflections on the glass, there just isn't one good photo.  Here's the best we got.

He was loving this otter. It swam right up by the glass and "kissed" him. 

Right outside the Orang Utan exhibit. Apparently this is Reid's monkey face. 

Reid's favorite animal was the Alligator (though he did say Porcupine when first asked -- no, there were no porcupines at the zoo). He was pretty into the Herpetarium. There were bats, beehives, boa constrictors, rattle snakes, an alligator snapping turtle, tortoise, and much more. Overall, that portion of the zoo was definitely his favorite.

Nell said her favorite animal was the giraffe. She also mentioned the flamingos and monkeys. Ben and I were impressed by the tiger. He was huge (bigger than the Lion). I'm not sure which animals were Grandma and Grandpa's favorite. Probably the little joeys pictured above.

I think I prefer the Green Bay Zoo, but it is really nice to have two super affordable options within 90 miles of our home. I had originally planned on going to the Zoo and Costco in Green Bay, but I figured Madison would make it easy for Grandma and Grandpa to join, plus I had a voucher to spend at the Mattel Store.

I was amazed by how well behaved my kids were in the Mattel Store. We told them they weren't getting any toys and they were totally fine with that. Instead of toys, we bought the baby a little musical gym. Overall it was a fun and productive trip. The perfect kind of Saturday!

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