Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

It was the perfect day for Christmas Tree hunting (I call it that because growing up people who went and cut down their own tree didn't go to tree farms, they went up the mountains and spent the day hunting the perfect tree, so I'm not sure what to call it here in the big city, Christmas Tree harvesting?). 

The weather was nice enough that even our littlest trooper handled the whole journey well. Don't mind the mismatched gloves; it's the character of the 2nd child (cough, cough), hand me downs. 

These two really were in heaven as we roamed around the Balsam Fir field (or patch, as Reid called it). 

Nell fell in love with this "tiny" tree. Isn't it just the perfect size for her? Yes, she is eating snow right off of it. No, I didn't stop her. She was too adorable too watch, "I want this one. I take it home, decorate it all by MY-self." 

It didn't take us long to find the perfect (non-tiny) tree, and Ben got right to work cutting it down. 

I found a nearby Reid-sized tiny tree and Nell asked me to "put it on my list" -- yes, her Santa list.

In this photo, Reid's eyes are locked on Ben, who was sawing down our tree. I love how mesmerized he was by the whole process. Good Dad's are real-life super heroes. 

Sometimes I love the pictures of my family so much that I share two nearly identical pictures -- because I can't decide which one I like better. And it is my blog, so I do what I want!

As Ben headed back to the "road" with our tree, Reid said to Nell, "lets hold hands and follow daddy, Nell!" They seriously melt my heart. 

Once Ben put the tree down he turned around and held his arms out to the kids (not seen in this photo); they both shrilled and made a dead sprint (as much as toddlers and preschoolers can in the snow) for him. They all melt my heart. 

Reid watched over our tree as we waited for a tractor to come get us. 

This was the only family photo we got. I need to practice my selfie. I always pull my face back so that I'm not a blob right up front. But I think I'd rather be a giant blob up front than several layers of chin. Yikes! We took the photo during one of the tractor stops around the farm. Unknowingly, we loaded one of the toughest tractors, so we enjoyed (?) a very peaceful (?) ride on all the biggest hills, picking up families much more adventurous than ourselves. I did say a prayer or two going down a few of those hills. And they worked, because we made it home safe and sound with our beautiful tree that has now been well decorated by the loving hands of two very proud (and excited) little kiddos. 


Anonymous said...

Loved the excitement and the picture of many chins! Can't wait to come see the tree and you all, of course...

Mom said...

That looks like a way fun outing!!! Though I can not believe Ben chopped down a 'living' tree!! All the pictures turned out very good Lizzy! Love the one with the little ones backs to you walking hand in hand. Oh what a cute family you have!

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