Sunday, November 30, 2014

Some Pictures by Our Tree

I found a few spare minutes before the kids and I had to leave for Church. Naturally, I wanted to squeeze in a quick photo shoot by our tree.

I am so in love with this photo of Nell. What a doll! Too bad big brother wasn't looking at me. Sigh. Taking photos of kids is always such a zoo! It took a couple different demands (and bribes) before Reid was able to both look at me and keep his eyes (somewhat) open. Not that Nell was a perfect prop through out the whole process. 

"Nell, stop sucking your fingers and twirling your hair."
"Reid look at mommy."
"Nell, hold still." 
"Reid, keep your eyes open." 
"If you both look at me for one picture I'll give you some M&Ms!" . 

As Ben said "It's not the best of either one of them, but it is the best of the two of them. And that's as good as it gets with kids." I love my two little goofballs!


Anonymous said...

Adorable, absolutely adorable!

Mom said...

The photos are all cute photos!! I love her twirling her hair and sucking her fingers! Then they are dancing. Just cute!

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