Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Way back in 2009 (yes, this blog is that old) I started posting pictures and descriptions of my yearly Christmas Tree ornaments (my parents gave each of us kids an ornament each year, to summarize and sentimentalize the year). Because a few are broken and will likely get tossed (sad, I know), I want to document them all with words and pictures on this blog.

So here is a list with links to the year's that have been covered. Hopefully by the end of this holiday season I'll have links for every year (but probably not, cause I am about to have a baby).

1982- Baby's First Christmas
1983- Angel
1984- Handmade by Mom
1985- Creche
1986- Daughter Dated Just for You
1987- Crayola Crayons
1988- School House
1989- Telephone Raccoon
1990- Lights and Motion
1991- Bear on Chest
1992- Ho Ho Ho (pull out) Santa
1993- Christmas Chain Birds
1994- Precious Moment Playing Piano
1995- Curly Haired Angel
1996- Basketball Bear
1997- DHS ornament
1998- Mistle Toes "Kiss Me" and Dinosaur
1999- Millennial Ornament
2000- Bell of the Ball
2001- Betty Boop
2002- Tijuana Ornament
2003- Stack of Literature
2004- Nativity
2005- Joy to the World, Noah's Arc and Chinese Character
2006- Our First Christmas Together
2007- Mount Vernon
2008- Gingerbread House
2009- Baking Snowman, DC Zoo, and Merry Little Christmas
2013- Santa's Workshop and Christmas Train

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