Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2013, Ride on the Polar Express

I guess I'll start with our most recent Christmas ornaments -- last year's additions.

We spent Christmas 2013 in Utah, and my parents took our little family on The Polar Express in Heber Valley, Utah. It was a gorgeous and magical. I'm certain the experience is much better in Utah (snowy mountain train ride) than Wisconsin, so I'm glad we got to go out there. Reid has been talking about the experience quite a bit this holiday season. He always shocks me with the little details he remembers from events long passed.

He remembered Santa giving him a Jingle Bell and he loves the song Jingle Bells because the Elves sang it to us on the train, "but they weren't real Elves, were they mommy?" It took me quite some time to figure out what he was even talking about, and I couldn't for the life of me think of anywhere he could have possibly learned the song Jingle Bells. But once we dug through our ornament box he quickly shouted "that's the one I'm talking about mommy!"
 "Santa gave that to me! It is special to me and I want to learn how to sing Jingle Bells!" That gave us a good chance to talk about all the other events on the train ride. I'm actually pretty surprised he didn't remember Mrs Claus giving us cookies or the Elves giving us hot chocolate.

 He did remember the North Pole and how far away it is from our house. This Santa's workshop ornament is undoubtedly one of his favorites. He likes to peek in the windows and pretend he sees Rudolph. 

I'm pretty sure I picked both the train and the Workshop at half price, the day after Christmas. I love going to Hallmark the day after Christmas and picking out an ornament for Ben and I. It has failed me in the past though, as they sold out of the "Our First Home, 2012" ornaments before the post-holiday sale, so I may have to check Ebay for that one (and New Parents, 2010).

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Anonymous said...

We did have fun, did we not? We'll have to do it another time when the kids are older.

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