Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Celebrating Ben

Apparently I'm snoring pretty heavily at night now, so Ben has been sleeping in our guest room downstairs. Yup, we are super romantic around here. This is relevant because the kids came running into my room this morning and we were able to make some birthday cards for daddy before heading downstairs to wake him up. They were pretty cute.

Nell drew lots of princesses on her cover and Reid drew army trucks on one side of his and our family on the other side. I scribed a nice long note from Reid on the inside of his card, and he really wanted a heart at the bottom. So when it came time to scribe Nell's card all she could say was "Heart!", so her note was a simple heart with "Nell loves Daddy" written inside. They were both so excited to run downstairs and give him their cards.

We sang him Happy Birthday and gave him his present all snuggled together in our little guest bed (glad it didn't break)! While he was at work we picked up a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. For dinner he wanted chopped Thai crunch salad (Panera knock off), and I have to say it was super yummy. I'm not sure why I don't prepare salads for dinner more often.

We sure are grateful to have Ben in our lives. He is such a wonderful father and husband. I love hearing the kids (mostly Nell) run to him each afternoon as he comes home. He teaches Reid such amazing things. I hear phrases like "you be a stag beetle with your big horns and I'll be a spider trying to eat you" during their play time. Once they are worn out from their insect wrestling Reid will ask to "look at your bug book daddy, and show me what a stag beetle looks like again."

He is definitely worth keeping and sometimes I wonder how I was ever able to snatch him up in the first place. 

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Anonymous said...

Ditto!! He is definitely worth keeping. We love you BenJAMin.

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